Why Do Yoga Every Damn Day

I’ll be honest, I didn’t intend to become a yoga teacher. I enrolled in teacher training very selfishly because I loved yoga, and I wanted to do more of it, and more deeply. I had no interest in sharing that with any of you, thank you very much. Then, much to my surprise, it turns out that nothing makes me…

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standing split

Does Practice Matter?

“You get good at what you show up for.” My teacher Mitchel shared this with us in my teacher training, and it has stuck in my craw ever since. It’s not just my craw – I’ve shared it with my students, and my friend Tracey Duncan even wrote a great post about it. It’s a gem almost so obvious that…

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Everyday Gods and Goddesses

Things are a little crazy down here in New Orleans. We are hosting one of the biggest parties in the U.S. just a week before Mardi Gras, the other biggest party in the U.S.  Everything is a little out of control.  And now the tourists are coming. And this party is here to watch two teams of grown men aggress…

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