After practicing yoga for 12 years, I took a teacher training to advance my own understanding of the history, anatomy, and philosophy of yoga.  I began teaching in 2012, and have discovered one of my own personal joys.

My teaching style has been described by students as “like a tough but loving coach,”and I strive to be thoughtful, funny, playful, challenging and rewarding. I teach public classes, work privately with students in their own homes, and even create workshops for a corporate settings.

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I am honored to teach at Wild Lotus Yoga, where we blend vinyasa yoga with bhakti and tantra.  In layman’s terms, that means our classes are in a flowing style, with singing, laughter, and a little philosophy thrown in.

I am currently crushing on a new style of practiced called Bowspring. I am fascinated by the inherent power of the body, and how we shrink from our full potential. My own Bowspring practice has helped heal a lingering hamstring injury, has changed the shape of my body, and reintroduced me to the subtle power of my own movement. Read more about Bowspring here.