From the outside, your life probably looks pretty together.

Your boss values your work. You cross items off your to-do list daily. You go to the gym. You floss. Even your dog thinks you’re awesome.

But on the inside, something isn’t right. Ever feel like you’re swimming upstream, always exhausted but still not getting where you thought you’d be?

Or, worse… you’re out to sea — just bobbing. Treading water. You got all the way out here… and now what?

Your instagram feed is full of folks who’ve found their purpose, while you’re over wondering if you missed that lesson. Maybe another listicle will help.

Do you have a secret (crazy wild) dream for your career, but something (your mortgage) keeps stopping you from taking a leap?

You desperately need more time to yourself, but you just can’t seem to say No.

You love your partner, but you’re stuck on this argument merry-go-round… and you can’t seem to get off.

Like Your Most Loving Best Friend… but With A Clipboard

What if you could stop second-guessing yourself, and just move forward?

What if you could tap a domino to bring your breathtaking ambition to life? You just get to watch while the whole thing plays out — like magic.

Coaching is your secret weapon to slice through the smoke screens and stories about why you can’t, and instead unleashes your dormant, bad-ass “Let’s do this.”

This is not just Point A to Point B. We’re heading from Point Here to Point Awesome through a sacred relationship built on intention, curiosity, and accountability. That’s coaching.

Your bullshit distractions just fall away. Old sabotaging habits melt.

Let’s rewrite that tired story about how it’s not practical or responsible or possible. Let’s leave the crutch of doubt behind.

Let’s meet the rockstar you were born to be:

A Writer Discovers the Truth

We have made so much progress in just six months. When we started I felt so angsty. I was always anxious about writing — or rather, not writing.

Vera gave me this space that I could just say things that I was ashamed of and I was not penalized in any way. It turns out, you can feel things and still do stuff anyway. I’ve always had this anxiety that I was paralyzed by my emotions — but you can have emotions and still do stuff.

I feel completely different than I did six months ago. I feel totally clear — and not only that, I feel comfortable and happy about my life and its direction. And I feel more comfortable in my decisions about myself and what I do in my life. Best of all: Now I’m writing every day again. It feels awesome.

Jessica V.

When you commit to this work, you'll get:

  • Regular one-hour sessions with my undivided attention
  • Powerful questions that bust your limiting beliefs
  • Instant insights that usually only come after months of self-work
  • Clear, simple steps to lay the foundation of your dream
  • Being held to your highest standard with loving accountability

We’ll enter each session with curiosity, totally unbiased, our compass pointed toward discovery.

I’ll listen fiercely, hearing the things you can’t even whisper yet.

You’ll get assignments that are so doable you’ll feel like you’re getting away with something.

As your coach, I’m 100% on your side. I’m not invested in any specific outcome, which frees me to see your biggest picture. Nothing is off the table.

Yes, I want the best for you, but I’m not letting you get away with shit either.

I’ll believe in you even when you don’t. I’ll make you rest when you’re tired.

But I won’t let you stop. The world needs your superpowers too much.

I’m often asked about the difference between therapy and coaching.

In therapy, you discover why you are the way you are.

Coaching discovers where you are right now, and the simplest ways to get your next brass ring.

We’re not going to unpack your childhood trauma -- we’re gonna deftly dance around it to find a fresh approach.

We’ll find sane solutions and specific, painless actions to reveal even your wildest visions.

Coaching isn’t one more thing to add to your to-do list. Instead, it gives you back all the hours you spend worrying about what to do next. Stop spinning out -- and start moving forward.

My coaching packages start at $400 -- a small investment in forward momentum, right?

We start with a 45-minute, free discovery call. No obligation. And no regrets.