Private Yoga With Vera

Every second is scheduled.

By the end of your day, your to-do list has had a bunch of little to-do list babies. You keep that notebook on your bedside table, but you still wake up at 3:00 am worried that you didn’t send that email.

Your body is crying out for attention: your low back has been aching forever. The tweak in your low back turned into a full-blown ache. That constant pressure in your temples has become so familiar you almost don’t even notice it.

Even worse, your patience is shot — a threadbare wire about to short circuit.

“Yoga” has been scrawled on your to-do list since last April, but you just… haven’t gotten there.

You know you need yoga to cope with the pace of your life — but getting to the studio seems impossible.

You need to decompress. To soften. To unfurl. To exhale.

You know you get more done when you’re calm. You’re nicer to your kids. You’re nicer to your colleagues. You’re nicer to yourself.

What if you didn’t have to give up something else to get to the studio? What if yoga could come to you?

You’ll finish your list earlier today, knowing I’ll be waiting for you. You get to do yoga in your private sanctuary — the safety of your own home.

And you still get to turn off your phone for an hour.

Many of my clients come to me looking for the ‘right way’ to do a pose. “But is this the real pose?” they ask.

Bad news: there is no one right way. But there is a wrong way for your body.

Good news: there IS a useful way, a healing way,a style of working for your unique body.

We’ll build on your strength. We’ll deepen your flexibility. Your balance will be so good you’ll never complain about taking your shoes off at the airport again.

And suddenly… you don’t remember when it happened but your back stopped hurting.

You sleep like a well-fed baby.

What can you expect for your private yoga sessions?

  • Carefully designed practices once a week
  • Clear instruction and gentle adjustments
  • Every yoga question answered
  • 60-minute or 90-minute options available
  • Fit your practice into your schedule
  • The studio comes to you: mat, props, music and mood

I Love Yoga Again

I had a few classes in groups with Vera and I struggled hard with body image issues, and social anxiety in group settings. I thought to myself, “I need to find that one teacher I loved and see if she does private.” I felt alone in my journey at this stage. I was stagnating, and couldn’t find a solution.

Vera helped me learn how to get back in tune with my body. She works holistically – I was happy to find a practitioner who is a real person who can connect and be honest. She has an ability to keep you at ease while pushing you forward – quite amazing!

After working with her, I believe in my ability to change again. I’m more grounded. I love yoga again.


Why I Turn Down Happy Hour

“I look forward to Vera’s Friday evening’s Happy Hour class so much, that I actually refuse any alcohol-based Friday HH invitations just so I can make it (and that’s saying a lot). Sometimes there’s a live DJ, which of course is a nice touch, but Vera’s music is pretty damn awesome regardless, as is her guidance and encouragement through the poses. Vera starts the class off with a brief talk about the theme for the month. Back in December, I was going through a particularly stressful time and I likened Friday evening’s class to therapy sessions. I recall walking in feeling completely like hell emotionally and walking out a transformed person.”

Joi B.

I know first hand that yoga gets us out of our heads and back into our bodies and hearts. Back home.

When I started my yoga teacher training, I had a soul-sucking day job. I had lists of the to-do lists I needed to make. But yoga was my refuge. My Monday night class was like church. I never meant to become a full-time yoga teacher, but once I started teaching it was only a matter of time.

Six years later, my aim as a teacher to nourish AND challenge the whole person: muscles, tears, mind, spirit, creativity, and laughter.

I’m obsessed with anatomy, mechanics, therapeutics, and innovative alignment. I teach other teachers how to make thoughtful adjustments -- to reveal your true capacity without blowing out your hamstrings. My touch is like the cherry on top.

My yoga classes infuse storytelling, mantra, and singing to make yoga philosophy and mythology more relevant to a modern American perspective. I study Sanskrit and yoga history, bringing these ancient stories to life in fully immersive classes.

My teaching style has been described by students as “like a tough but loving coach.” I strive to be thoughtful, funny, playful, challenging and inspiring.

A private practice is an investment, and I know not everyone is in a place where this makes sense.

If you’re interested in practicing with me, I teach public classes at Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans. We blend vinyasa yoga with bhakti and tantra. In layman’s terms, that means our classes are in a flowing style, with singing, laughter, and a little philosophy thrown in.

We often begin yoga to strengthen (and maybe tone) our abs, touch our toes, address a trick knee, and maybe get a little calmer.

All of that will happen.

But when you exhale into downdog, you’re clearing away the bullshit and feeding a different hunger.

You know that gasp in your heart when you arrive exactly where you’re meant to be? That’s what we’re after.

In our time together, you’ll be able to shut off the to-do list and carry ease into your daily life. With every session, you move closer to a steady, calm, clear mind and strong, flexible body.

Ready to Move Yourself to the Top of the List?

Still Have Questions?

Curious what your private yoga practice might look like? Have a space limitation or an injury you want to talk about first?

Schedule a free 15-minute assessment to talk about what you’re seeking in a private practice and teacher.