Bowspring is a practice that asks us to reevaluate what we thought we knew about our body, our yoga practice, and our perspective. It’s an intense physical practice that will get you sweating and laughing all at oncebowtest. By recruiting the strength in your back and glutes, Bowspring unleashes your organic power, allowing you to move with grace and free from pain. It’s accessible to any level of student — yet challenging to all — and it requires a meditative focus to move with intention and commitment. Each class begins by instructing the Bowspring alignment template: strong, lifted glutes; long belly that flow to soft, deep groins; and a full heart that expands the ribcage. Once we create this expansive form in our bodies, we test your edges with twists, arcs, lunges, balances, jumps, and backbends. It’s a springy, effortless way to move on and off your mat! Bowspring will challenge your self-imposed limitations, both physical and mental, and you may be surprised to discover the strength and freedom dormant inside your body.