Places to Go, People to See

I have an ever-growing, expanding, twinkling list of all the people I’d love to study with, places I want to experience, and events that I just can’t miss.  Except sometimes I’ll have to miss them.  Maybe you don’t!  In no particular order, check out:

  • Krishna Das, anytime, anywhere.  Right now, I’m looking at visiting with him in Yogaville during Memorial Day weekend.  Want to come? If not then, check out the rest of his tour schedule.
  • Byron Katie, The Work.  Four simple questions that will blow your mind.  Cultivate happiness and peace of mind.  I’m dying to go to The Institute for the Work.
  • BhaktiFest – 4 days, 4,000 people, in Joshua Tree National Park. Yoga, chanting, workshops, community.  My annual schedule is planned around being in California the second weekend in September.  I wrote a little journal about my experience last year, if you want more detail.  For more information, go to
  • India.  Need I say more?  Even if the yoga we do now isn’t the “original” yoga, I still want to go to place where it all began. From Benares to the Himalayas, Chidambaram to Mumbai…  When’s our pilgrimage?

What’s on your can’t-miss list?