Is Dreaming the Happiest Day of Your Life Keeping You Up At Night?


You just decided throw a giant party for the people you care about the most! And everybody’s really happy for you! And you’ve never done this before, and you’re about to discover the vast machine of the wedding industrial complex!

Take a deep breath. And welcome.

Marriage has been a vital rite of passage for millennia — what you’re doing is stitched into our DNA. Marriage partnerships are the foundation of our families and our society.

Oh, also, you’ll always have a date to the movies.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming about your wedding since second grade, or maybe you never thought marriage was for you… until you met your fiancé.

I can walk you through this, right until you walk down the aisle.

My weddings are sacred, spiritual, and unique. I handcraft every ceremony to reflect who you are — in all your magical, wacky glory.

I can weave your unique family traditions together into something that will make everyone feel at home.

I can lead secular ceremonies that will leave even your most Catholic Auntie misty-eyed.

We can land anywhere on the spectrum from Secular to Spiritual — wherever you both feel the most alive.

I’m also here to coach you through delicate family decisions, defuse your freak-outs, and be the grounding force on the day of your ceremony. I’ll help you write your own vows. You’ll laugh and be reminded to breath on your big day — to savor every second.

I already love your family and I can’t wait to meet them. And I especially can’t wait to pronounce you… married.

If you’re ready to talk more, schedule a time for us to chat. We’ll go through all the details and decide if we’re a match.