A Level Of Trust I Never Imagined

I am so lucky and grateful to have connected with Vera and highly recommend her as a coach! From our very first conversation, her intuition, skill, deep listening, and compassionate response was evident. She was able to build genuine rapport from the start and foster a level of trust I never imagined possible inside of a coaching relationship.

Our work has gone well beyond the job/career-related issues that initially brought me to coaching. I’ve been able to explore and expand my ideas of what “meaningful work” really looks like for me – not only regarding my day-to-day work for pay, but also within my creative practice, activism, interpersonal relationships, and personal healing and growth. In our time together I have overcome several internal barriers and accomplished concrete goals that had previously eluded me.

Vera is skilled at keeping our conversations focused on my goals while also allowing flexibility in the process. She has been a compassionate witness and a consistent, reliable rock during the most tumultuous period in my adult life, helping me regain my footing at critical moments. She has a natural way of honoring the vulnerability inherent in the coaching process and has put me at ease even when discussing sensitive topics. She brings humor, insight, gentle guidance, honest reflections, personal experience, and empathy to her work with clients.

Being coached by Vera has provided clarity and comfort in uncertain times and enabled me to make and sustain important changes in my life. Working with her is a gift that I hope others will give themselves as well.