Vera’s so great, you’ll be thanking her in your book acknowledgements!

When I started working with Vera I was swimming the backstroke in a morass of certainty that I had to do everything for everyone or else it wouldn’t get done but instead I was on a slow track to completing nothing that I valued. Vera helped me to figure out the difference between what I thought would be useful career-wise and what I actually wanted to do. She started coaching me in the middle of a depression and getting bogged down in a book project that I had gotten stuck on. I am now completing the page proofs on that book! I particularly love working with Vera because she can pull together the threads of what I’m saying to her and help me create road map forward. She can help you see the forest for the trees, and at the same time develop the steps you need to take to finish a big project or make significant life changes (I did/am doing both!)