2017 – Year In Review

As the year comes to a close, I can’t help but review. It’s natural to be reflecting on what 2017 was like — and to begin planning and dreaming and hoping for 2018.

But our tendency is to focus on everything that’s gone wrong, every tiny mistake we’ve made, or all the things that didn’t meet our expectations.

So instead, at the end of every project, or every year, or every class, I ask myself three questions:

1. What went well?

2. What could have gone better?

3. What will I do differently next time?

These three questions release that constant need to find the worst case.

Instead, I now have a practice of looking for the things that went well, so that I can expand on those things.

I’m free from the desperate search for problems to solve.

What you focus on grows — Why not look for what crushed instead of what bombed?

So here’s my year end review:


 What Went Well?

The Shakti Circle.

The launch of this six-month program exceeded my wildest dreams. An absolutely inspiring group of women came together to explore the nature of feminine power. In today’s world, I cannot tell you how energizing and rewarding it was to go on that journey. For all of us.

I’m thrilled to be planning a 2018 version beginning in March… more to come on that.


After almost a year of dragging my feet out of fear of inadequacy or failing, I finally dug into my coaching work — and it blew me away.

One client completely bypassed her gremlins and restarted her writing practice. Another realized that her family dynamic from childhood was being played out on a national stage — and suddenly her anxiety about Washington dissolved.

My clients are working through Big Life Issues with grace and fun.

Big questions, Deep listening, and Holding the space for miraculous shifts to happen.


What Could Have Gone Better?

By the end of June, I was completely exhausted. The creative energy I expended launching a new program left me depleted.

Then my dog got diagnosed with lymphoma.

That’s the universe’s playful idea of a one-two punch, I guess.

This summer I was reminded — yet again — that I am human. I need rest, I need downtime, I need help, and I need play.

Looking back, I am grateful for this lesson in humility. But it sure did feel like a mess in the middle.


What Will I Do Differently Next Time?

First, Time Off. I need two days off in a row. This is not an option. My weekends have gone back to being downtime, instead of interrupted hours to do work <oops>. When I have a weekend workshop, I’ll take time off during the week.

Just because my work invigorates and excites me, doesn’t mean I can do it without stopping to refuel.

Next, I can’t do this alone.

I often say I have an “army of bodyworkers” — so if you ever need a massage therapist, physical therapist, therapist-therapist, Rolfer, Reiki master, or galactic shaman — hit me up. I’d be delighted to refer you.

Last, in 2018 it’s time to stop playing small. I tested my coaching and the Shakti work, and saw big changes for people. Big wake-ups. Dare I say it? Joy. Relief. Re-Invention.

My own hesitation or insecurity are a pretty bad a reason to hide that.

So, expect a new website for me in the coming weeks <fingers crossed>, and maybe a whole new project in the coming months <O_O>.

I am so excited about sharing Bhakti and more practices and teachings that bring magic to everyday life.

It’s my not-so-silent prayer that you, too, wake up in the morning you pinch yourself — how is this your life?!  I want it to feel like you’re getting away with something.


So, Now What?

Slide into the comments… jot a few things, or just let these questions roll around in your head.

In 2017:

What went well?
What could have gone better?
What will you do differently next time?