My College Essay

I was cleaning up old files the other day, and I came across this file name: ‘college essay.’

It was in such an old word format, I had to open it as a text file.

I have no idea what the question was, but I was clearly trying to persuade the folks in admissions that I was worthy of entry to their elite school.

I was trying to impress them and be humble at the same time.

I was trying to demonstrate my worthiness without being “too much.”

I was seventeen when I wrote this. I was a baby when I went to college.

I’ll be honest: It’s hard not to eye roll at my 17-year old self.

The Astrology of 2021

After the whirlwind of 2020 — including a Saturn-Pluto conjunction, Pluto-Jupiter conjunctions, and rounding our with a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction — we could all maybe use a break.

I cannot, and won’t, promise that 2021 will be smooth sailing — but it definitely won’t be like last year.