The Astrology of 2021

After the whirlwind of 2020 — including a Saturn-Pluto conjunction, Pluto-Jupiter conjunctions, and rounding our with a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction — we could all maybe use a break.

I cannot, and won’t, promise that 2021 will be smooth sailing — but it definitely won’t be like last year.

Saturn-Uranus Square

The most significant transit of 2021 is a Saturn-Uranus Square that carries us through the whole year. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, while Uranus sometimes considered the modern ruler.

Both planets have a place in Aquarius — the sign of the collective — the ability to see the big picture, the forest from the trees, and to make wider plans that benefit the whole. Aquarius sucks at prioritizing individual’s needs or desires — instead, it drives a rising tide that lifts all ships.

Saturn loves structure, planning, organization and maturity. Saturn’s tie to Aquarius is responsibility and forward thinking: doing our due diligence, and ensuring we have the resources we need in the future. Saturn lays the foundation for what is to come, ensuring we have everything we need and don’t get caught unprepared.

Uranus, on the other hand, leads the disruptive, unexpected, and delightful Aquarian energies. Uranus reminds us to expect the unexpected — always adaptable and ready to pivot.

When Saturn and Uranus Square in 2021, we will have a challenge between the “tried and true” approaches to structuring our future, and the radical changes that have become available.

While neither planet will “win” this fisticuff, Uranus is mired in Taurus: fixed, steady, and stable. Uranus in Taurus brings earthquakes — and we may literally see those in 2021. But Uranus in Taurus is also a harbinger of a shift in how we relate to security, the land, and our natural resources.

In 2021, we will all see disruptions and shifts to how we’ve always done things. Those changes may be surprises, they may be major departures, but in the end they are going to carry us forward into the future.

Based on an evolution from 2020 themes, things we might see:

1. Major progress on climate change agreements, including governments and large “slow-moving” companies making radical changes in their approach to resource management and how we live in relationship to the Earth.

2. Formalization of the shifts and changes in our working lives; new working schedules and arrangements may be formalized and widely accepted into the norm.

3. Disruption in food production or major agricultural systems may challenge our ability to plan for the future

4. Natural disasters may continue to disrupt “best-laid plans”, leaving the greater population of the earth reeling from the impacts on their day to day life.

5. Continued rebellions and political uprisings, challenging both the status quo of leadership, but also more authoritarian governments

6. Potential for dramatic and severe repression of dissent of any kind; Authoritarian leaders may crack down hard, limiting the movement or access to resources for any radical or revolutionary thoughts

These are suggestions, not predictions. They give examples of the kind of things that manifest when these energies are high.

There will be conflict between Tradition and Reform, Authority and Progress, and Disruption vs. Standardization.

Major Aquarian Period

On December 20, 2020, Saturn and Jupiter’s Grand Conjunction occurs in the first degree of Aquarius. This begins a new 20-year cycle of Saturn and Jupiter together, but also launches a 200+ year cycle of the Grand Conjunction in Air Signs — after 200 hundred years in earth signs.

This spring, we see a pile up of planets in Aquarius. The energy continues through out the year, anchored by Saturn, who enters Aquarius on December 19 2020 and doesn’t leave until 2022. Other than a brief respite in Pisces from mid-May to June, Jupiter will also be in Aquarius all year.

There is some debate about when “The Age of Aquarius” actually began/begins — but this year is the the last of that beginning. We have solidly entered this period of being mindful of the collective — aware that our actions impact others, and we are inextricably linked to each other.

Additionally, we have left a material age (i.e. Industrial Age) and are strongly rooted now in an age of ideas (i.e. Information Age). Ideas and information will continue to be the primary currency of our society — no longer driven by physical form, we will continue to connect virtually, and our world will get smaller in this way.

The downside of this period is a sort of groundlessness — and weak execution.

It will be easier for ALL of us to be so in love with the ideal that we sacrifice making any measurable progress. Resist the temptation to throw out the baby with the bathwater, and don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the done.

In practical terms, that means: we must all continue to dream of the more beautiful world we know is possible. We must continue to fight for equity and justice, wherever we can. That means defending those who have less power, and keeping our minds open to the idea that we could just as easily be the ones at risk. There will continue to be an awakening to the pain of systems of oppression, and there is a possibility new worlds to be dreamed in this Aquarian Age.

However, it will be tempting to argue over the best solutions, and struggle between radical progress and incremental reform. Do not let “the perfect solution” stand in the way of meaningful change. You may you find yourself opposing meaningful change because it’s not enough, or be so wrapped up in debating the philosophy that you forget to actually make system changes for those who are oppressed.

Sagittarius-Gemini Eclipses

There will be impetus, catalysts, and activation around philosophy and communication. Philosophical systems, how we see the world, and how we communicate both our beliefs and worldview will be shifted. We may see a major shift in network communications (Hi, 5G), and in the ways we exchange ideas. Communication systems may be threatened, or major shifts in philosophical rhetoric may effect both political and domestic harmony.

Travel and learning is also on the table: we may find a shift in how humans travel or relate to travel.

Perhaps 2021 is the year that Oculus Travel is a real thing.

After almost two years of being locked down, we may see not only a surge in travel, but also a change in how we relate to it — perhaps travel will become a more integral part of our lives, instead of something relegated to twice annual vacations. “Road warrior” life may become far more common for all of us.

Potentially we will see a continued growth in the way that education has gone online — especially with the Aquarian themes of the year. While schools and universities may reopen in person, we may see a continued rise in technology that makes education more accessible. This means that those with physical or economic limitations will have wider access to information — and instead of building schools and leaving, perhaps we will actually invest in wider networks of information being spread.


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