Private Yoga

Camel Assist

Feel disconnected from yourself? Unfulfilled? Have you been floating through life without direction? You know you need to do something different, but no idea what to do?

Yoga helps. A yoga practice will gently reconnect you to yourself. After just one session you’ll feel more comfortable in that crazy brain of yours, and more aware of your body.

With private yoga, we’ll meet once a week, one-on-one, and I will design sessions that will each move you closer to a steady, calm, clear mind and strong, flexible, supple body.

My students say….

“My weekly class with Vera was like therapy… I walked in feeling like hell emotionally and walking out a transformed person.”

“My experience in yoga was mindbending.”

After a daily practice: “My eating habits are different. I sleep better. I’m not even trying, and my habits are starting to change.”

Ready? Schedule your session with me below:

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