The Time Has Come to Let Your Goddess Out

I will never forget the Tuesday I walked into my coach’s office at 7am, sat heavy on that cream sofa, and said “I just can’t do this anymore. I have to quit. I don’t know what I’m going to do instead, but I have to quit this job.

And I did.

I did not pass go. I did not collect $200. I went directly to my boss’s office, closed the door, and resigned.

I quit my job without another job.

Some background:

In the Fall of 2012, I was working in a job that I hated. I had some success, but it always felt like I was fighting: I was raising money, so most of my conversations started at “No.” I was constantly trying to convince my boss what I wanted to do was worth the effort, constantly trying to convince prospects that we were worth the investment, and usually trying to convince myself to get out of bed in the morning.

So when yoga teacher training at Wild Lotus came around, I signed up. Because I NEVER had to convince myself to go to yoga. When faced with the opportunity to turn my best two hours a week into 15-20 hours a week? I took it. I even gave up happy hour. That’s how excited I was about yoga. (That’s a lot.)

By Fall of 2014, I was teaching two classes a week, and now working at a new job that I hated even more than the last job. (Can you believe it?) Somehow the more perfect the job was on paper, the more miserable I was in reality.

I did not have a plan. I didn’t have a savings. I didn’t have a partner who would support me until I figured it out.

I had a prayer. And I was so exhausted of forcing it.

So I quit my job without another job.

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

By the Fall of 2016, I was supporting myself as a yoga teacher, launching a coaching business… and honestly, I could have pinched myself. For all those years, I had no idea it was possible to wake up every morning excited to go to work. I never could have imagined I’d have to learn to have to FORCE myself to stop working. Instead of forcing myself to get out of bet, I’d be forcing myself to rest, take weekends, take a vacation.

And then, November 8, 2016, life changed.

Leading up to the election, I saw an epic myth being played out in real-time. I’ve talked about it before: the struggle between masculine power and feminine power, the age-old story of what happens when you aren’t honest about who you really are and what your deepest passions are.

I didn’t realize it, but on November 8, 2016, The Shakti Suite was conceived.

Suddenly, I was lit up in a way I hadn’t been in years. I felt right down to my bones that the world would never be the same — there was a swell of women who simply would no longer tolerate the way things had been. It felt a little like my entire gender said “We quit. We don’t have a plan, but we simply will not take this anymore. We quit.

There were months of Facebook outbursts, rallies, protests, memes… and then things started to quiet down. There are times to work and times to yell — and I believe many of us started working in a new way.

I realized on November 9 that a whole tide of women was rising, and we need each other. We have to remind each other of how powerful, dangerous, and inspiring we really are. We must stay connected to the things that light us up and nourish us.

The Shakti Suite is not some feel-good ladies’ lunch: this is the earth-shaking, heart-pounding, hold-your-breath, circle of bad-ass warrior goddesses who are no longer going to “shut up and take it.”

This is the Shakti Suite. It’s for women who are ready to stop forcing everything and instead step into their Biggest Selves. Women who are ready to take full ownership of their womanhood, with all its assets and its liabilities, and then go save the damn world, the way that only women can.

Shakti Coaching will guide a handful of bad-ass women to their own inner spark, gather all the inner voices and hidden talents they’ve taken for granted, and rediscover just how powerful (and sexy) they can really be.

These women will join the Shakti Circle. A small group of “goddesses in training” will explore six archetypes in six months. Suddenly, you’ll find shakti hidden in plain sight all over your life, you’ll notice where she’s missing, and learn how to send up the bat signal to invite her in. Whether it’s finally saying “No,” to an overzealous boss, or finally saying YES! to the love affair that scares the pants off you — we’re adding women’s weapons to your arsenal. In six months, you’ll witness each other’s womanhood unfurl through story, song, yoga practice, journaling, meditation, and creative inquiry.

This will all form the backbone for Bhakti Babes. This a group of women who get it. Who else sees this tide rising? Who else knows they won’t make it without a deep connection to who they are and what really matters? Bhakti Babes brings spiritual practice into our real life, one week at a time. There will be ongoing group discussions, regular meditation challenges, occasional meet-ups, accountability to these other powerful women, and a community of support from women who understand how rewarding and scary this can be — and who will remind you how important it is we all keep going.

If you’re looking for:

… a community of like-minded (bad-ass, warrior queen) women
… a deep dive into all the aspects of yourself
… regular inspiration and encouragement to keep fighting the good fight
… loving accountability to bring your own bad-ass warrior queen into your bedroom, your office, and the world, then:

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Your goddesses doesn’t need to force it. She simply lets the magic unfurl. When you let your goddess out, the world will never be the same.